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What are The One Show NHS Patients Awards?

As the NHS marks its 70th anniversary The One Show, together with the Patients Association, is saying ‘thank you’ to the brilliant people who keep it going day after day.

We are inviting patients and their families from all over the UK to nominate people currently working in the NHS in all health professions who have gone the extra mile to look after them, or done something even more exceptional. In some categories (where specified) we are also accepting nominations from colleagues. You can put forward individuals in as many categories as you like. Entries must be received by midnight Thursday 5th April.
Please visit the BBC website through the link below for more information.



 This category is open to anyone currently working for the NHS treating or caring for patients under the age of 18. If you are a young person who has been treated by the NHS or their parent or carer this is your chance to say “thank you” to someone who looked after you. We are looking for those individuals whose care really stood out. If you are under 18 please ask a parent or guardian to make the nomination on your behalf.


 This category is open to doctors and consultants of all specialities including GPs and anaesthetists, paramedics, allied health professionals, biomedical scientists and pharmacists currently working for the NHS. If they have treated you or a member of your family please tell us why you would like us to honour them. We are looking for inspirational stories of outstanding treatment or care


 This category is open to nurses including district nurses and midwives currently working for the NHS. If they have treated or cared for you or a member of your family and you’d like to thank them please tell us why. We are looking for exceptional individuals who have gone above and beyond their normal day-to-day duties to have a positive impact on patients’ care.


 We are looking to celebrate the work of someone special who has dedicated much of their working life to the NHS in whatever capacity, medical or non-medical and deserves wider recognition. If they have cared for you or your family or you work with them please tell us about them so we can honour their contribution. For this category we will also consider nominees who’ve recently retired.


 This is the category for the army of support staff who keep the NHS running but don’t always get noticed. They might be porters, drivers, receptionists, lab workers, they may be NHS employees (or volunteers who give up their time for free). We are looking for individuals who go beyond the call of duty to really make a difference. You can nominate them if you are a patient or a colleague.